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Wicked Woman
I'm sure I was a total pain in the ass but hubby has finally finished my Mutant Sue portrait.  It's also been added to his Deviant Art page.  Here it is:
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Merry Belated X-Mas Nan!

Wicked Woman
Hubby just finished Nan's gift last night.  He'll be uploading the collection to his Deviantart page soon.  He hasn't started Morgan's portrait yet, he's got another project he's working on right now, so it'll be a while.  But here's a peek at Catseye:

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Belated Christmas/Yule Gifts Con't...

Wicked Woman
Hubby's been working hard and he's finished one more pic.  I think you'll recognize her....
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Wicked Woman
Now that ladydeathfaerie and sessys_fangirl have had a chance to "open" their gifts, I've decided to post them here for the time being. Daz's still remains in progress (about 60% finished, give or take) and I'm afraid Nan's and mine haven't been started yet.  I'm restricting this post to just us, though I'm not sure how the new album function works.  The artist (my hubby) would prefer not to distribute full sized images outside our little group for now.  So if you share where people might be able to snag it, downsize the images a bit if working from the original files, please.  I've had to downsize these just to make them fit the page.  He will eventually put the collection up on his Deviant Art page once it's finished.
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Update/Shameless Plug.

Wicked Woman
(Yup.  Again.  You're probably gonna get sick of these posts before all is said and done.  I'm sure I will.)

Update:  Largespawn's surgery is scheduled for Nov. 8 (or so I'm told.)  I haven't been given more instructions that that at this point.  He's doing fine, but driving us crazy.  The boy really, really needs to go back to school.  He is completely lacking in time management skills (or maybe lacking in caring about them) so hubby, myself, and the tutor sent by the school system are all pretty frustrated with him.  Middlespawn's birthday is the 12th and we were planning a party on this Sunday.  Unfortunately, so were several other children who run in the same circles, so we're pushing it back until after hubby's B-day (Oct. 18).  Little man has his heart on having some of his friends come, so we're gonna try.  Little Bit is deep into the terrible twos and keeping us hopping.  

Shameless Plug:  Get 'em while they're hot!  This week, and probably next week, we're selling off some Amazing Spiderman issues.  Last week's sale wasn't great, but was definitely better than the first.  This week tops both already.  As of a few minutes ago, two of the nine lots up were purchased as "Buy it now."  And hubby had someone email him trying to talk him into selling the whole lot off Ebay -- which of course we refused.  We did suggest we might be talked into putting whatever didn't sell this time up as a single lot for him to purchase through Ebay.  We'll see about that.
Wicked Woman
Minor update:  Largespawn is healing well from his surgery, I think.  We see the docs again on Friday to check his progress.  We're still expecting a second surgery to do a skin graft.  (He's got an open wound where the end of his big toe used to be -- there wasn't enough skin to close.)

Shameless Plug:  In the meantime, we're continuing to try to liquidate some of my comic collection on Ebay to help us catch up with all the medical bills and miscellaneous expenses resulting from Largespawn's medical crisis.  The first batch did not sell well, but the second is up and is hopefully a more salable lot of books.  These are all Web of Spiderman issues for sale on Ebay.  Again, hubby is handling most of it, since he's got more experience with Ebay and already had an account set up.

Shameless Plug -- Comics for sale on Ebay.

Wicked Woman
In an effort to try to recoup some of the costs of Largespawn's medical care and other expenses, I am selling off part of my collection. The first batch of comic books (Spectacular Spiderman) have been listed.  Hubby is handling most of it, as he's already set up on Ebay.  Here's the link to his profile:  Hubby's Ebay Profile.

Just a little something fun...

Wicked Woman
I nicked this off of :  Rocking it out!

Gentleman was picked up for some drunk and disorderly.  Lucky for us, the patrol car was equipped with video. 

Just for Fun!

Wicked Woman


One Word Meme

Wicked Woman
Nicked this from ladydeathfaerie. Short and sweet, so why not?  Right?.

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!


Mission Assignments

1. The Mutant Sue Virus: Five fan fic writers find themselves stranded in the Marvel Universe as Mutant Sues. A Mary Sue Virus tale. Hosted on The Mary Sue Virus Community and EFFN. See sidebar for links.

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation of Sues. In the planning stages. The Mary Sue Virus is coming home at last -- to the Star Trek universe. Will be hosted on the Mary Sue Virus Community and EFFN. For more info:

3. Muse on the Loose: Blatant self-insertion and muse fraternization run amok on the USS Muse. Hosted on the Muse Cruise Community. See sidebar for links.

4. Supervillianess, Inc. Another Mary Sue Virus tale done in round-robin style. In this one, we're the bad girls. Set in the Marvel Universe, but with careless disregard for silly things like universal boundaries. Hosted on the Supervillainess, Inc. Community. See sidebar for links.

5. Beyond Death: A Mary Sue Virus tale set in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter universe. Ladydeathfaerie is the author of this tale and I am merely her beta. Hosted on the Mary Sue Virus Community. See the sidebar for links.

6. LEWD. An offshoot of the main Muse Cruise continuity, hosted on the Muse Cruise. A joint project with my partner-in-crime, the lovely Ladydeathfaerie. This is a free-wheeling romp through the universes by means of a self-aware, shapeshifting ship called LEWD. See sidebar for links.


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